Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

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Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
This Earth is just a speck of dust existing for the twinkle of an eye in what is real time.

Welcome to the Blog. Whilst the purpose of this website is to attempt to present Dr Rampa's writings in as clear and concise a manner as we can, we do so for the many people all over the globe in as many languages as possible. We will be thoroughly discussing the contents of Dr Rampa's books that we know were written in thirty-eight languages. We have managed to discover thirty-four of the thirty-eight languages. We are aware that some of the unknown languages the books may have ceased publication, so we may never know the book titles yet we live in hope we can discover that missing information one day.

Here is where we document all updates or changes regardless of the language. We made it clear within About Us that it's not just a single person now working and driving this website. It’s a collective effort by many likeminded ardent followers of Dr Rampa from all around the globe. Collectively we are feeding the flame to a candle Dr Rampa lit many years ago, a candle that will light the way forward for those wanting to open their minds and experience the truth. Many truths and actual proof must be personally experienced as metaphysics cannot be proved to the idle minded individual that just demands proof.

Dr Rampa wrote: "People who go into occult studies just trying to get material proof are like people who go into a darkroom and turn on the lights to see if there is any image on the yet undeveloped film. Their very actions definitely inhibit any manifestation of proof." The Great 13th Dalia Lama once said: "Proof is merely a palliative to the idle mind and those who seek proof are not capable of accepting the truth of a proof no matter how well proven." So, remember this very important point: "if someone doesn't want to believe, it doesn't matter how much proof you offer;" so don't waste your time trying to convince them.

  • • Awaiting for end of year totals for Touchstones and confirmation from the cat's charity that the monies have been donated. We shall display the final totals, as before, yet sales of Touchstones has ceased. If anyone is interested in taking this over please contact Pete via touchstones@virginmedia.com The email address will remain live for 6 month and then it will retire, as will all Touchstone Web pages in all languages.
  • • To enable us to design a better website my current skills require further training from a professional web designer, and I am waiting for that training to start in early 2019. We shall continue with this website until the new website has been designed and fully tested by the professional web designer to make sure it's right.
  • • Buttercup is currently being translated into Spanish and Italian and will go live during 2019.
  • • Italian is currently undergoing a vast improvement in its translation during 2019.
  • • We have deleted all the Turkish web pages not yet translated, because we could not get no one to complete the work. What remains are the web pages that were translated.
  • • To everyone that donated money towards this website we have managed to spend every penny on improvements with numerous translations and the 5-year hosting and registration. More importantly, we shall NEVER use donations for my training; that cost I shall pay myself. However, there are still more translations we can improve upon as our website continues to grow. I am looking into a method that those that wishing to financially support us can do so. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to those that have contributed towards the website's growth and the financial donations.
  • TouchStone accounts are now online.
  • Pedras ao Toque as contas agora estão online.
  • Pedras de Toque contas agora estão en linea.
  • Piedras de Toque cuentas están ahora en línea.
  • Pierres de Touche les comptes sont maintenant en ligne.
  • Pietre di Carezzare le finanze sono ora online.
  • Moudrost Starovekych Narodu - nyní dostupné.
  • Za hranice vedomi - nyní dostupné.
  • Trinacta svice - nyní dostupné.
  • • Soumrak - Brzy.
  • • English Home Page has been grammar checked.
  • • Audio book I Believe is now available.
  • Newspaper cutting of Dr Rampa's death.
  • • Touchstone donation to Cat's Charity www.catchat.org.
  • Many thanks to everyone who purchased a touchstone over the years.

  • • The audio file titled "Meditation" was missing around 10 minutes towards the end; therefore, we have converted the original wav version and updated the English transcripts with the missing text. All transcripts in other languages will be updated soon. We have passed the MP3 file through Adobe Auditions to improve the recordings for all the audio files. The Power of Prayer requires pitch processing to match Meditation, that should happen next weekend.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Meditation.
    3. Power of Prayer.
  • • We now know a further seven countries yet only adding a further 2 languages to our collection, making a toal of 32 languages. However, we only list on the languages menu those countries that we can confirm have published the books of Dr Rampa. The countries listed below share languages, so we have offered a guide.
  • • Treće oko Knjiga otkrivena na hrvatskom jeziku.
  • • Treće oko Откривена књига у Србији.
  • • Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosna i Hercegovina, Slovenia = Hrvatska, Republika Srbijas.
  • • Macedonia = Ελληνικά.
  • • Updated all Language menues.
  • • Tako Je Bilo Knjiga otkrivena na hrvatskom jeziku.
  • • Tako Je Bilo Откривена књига у Србији.
  • Україна веб-сторінки були оновлені.
  • Русские веб-страницы изменились из-за плохих переводов.
  • • New audio book Tibetan Sage now available.
  • • Removed a few broken links since deleting blank Russian and Persian webpages.
  • • Twlight audio books now online.
  • • We have managed to discover 5 books in Serbian thanks to Ivana, they should be online in mid-July.
  • • "Život sa lamom.""
  • • "Mudrost drevnih."
  • • "Pećina drevnih."
  • • "Tako je bilo."
  • • "Ti zauvek."
  • • We have also managed to obtain the final missing books "Luz de Vela" thanks to Guilherme, and "Além do 1° Decimo" for Brazil and Portugese, they should be online in mid-July.
  • • We have just started to redesign the website in CSS Grid and will automatically fit to screen size (max 27") with scrollable menus and Main content. In addition, better support for mobile devices and hamburger menus. The menu order will change slightly so all the webpages with books will be listed first, making it easier for visitors to find.
  • • हिंदी में दो नई किताबें, ये जैसी थी और जीवन के अध्याय - अध्ययन सामग्री.
  • • The books Three Lives has been updated.
  • • Les livres Les-3-Vies.htm sont rebaptisés Trois-Vies et mis à jour.
  • • Dois livros finais para completar todos os 19 para o Brasil e para o Português.
  • • Pet knjiga sada su dostupne za Hrvatsku.
  • • Five more languages discovered that brings the total to 36 of the 38 languages. Those languages are Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, Chile, and Peru. As all five countries read Spanish we will not have dedicated pages for now.
  • • Estonia is another language, so that just leaves one, possible Ecuador, to complete all 38.
  • • Estonia is another language that will be included later within this year.
  • • The other unknown countries are either Español/Français speaking, so no need to repeat existing languages. Our discovery to ascertain which 38 countries Dr Rampa's book were written in is now completed.
  • • ज्वाला का पालन अब डाउनलोड करने के लिए उपलब्ध है अध्ययन सामग्री
  • • New Audio book As it Was now online via Audio Books
  • • Srpski jezik sada ima tri nove web stranice, Meditacija, Religija, i Teorije zavere.
  • • Two more countries will be included when we redesign the website, they are Estonian and Indonesian. we can confim that the other coutries not listed are covered by either Español or Français.
  • • The new website has been put on hold due to urgent family matters, and that I need to learn new skills whilst desinging a new font especially for the website.
  • • Česky nová kniha Svetlo Svicky.
  • • Le livre intitulé "Le Troisième Oeil" a été converti en un Livre Audio 139,964KB.
  • • El libro titulado "El tercer ojo" se ha convertido en un libro de audio 126,994KB.
  • • We are testing two audio books created in French and Spanish. We hope the voices are acceptable for those native listeners, if so, we shall have all the books converted into audio books.
  • • Prima noastră carte Românească Muntele Sacru (Peștera înțelepților.)
  • • Two new languages Eesti (Estonian) and Indonesia.
  • • We now know 34 of the 38 languages. We suspect that those unknown 4 could be a variation of one of the known languages we currently offer e.g. Portuguese and Brazil. Whilst they do have a slight variation in writing their languages, they can read each other's language. We know that some books were written in French-Canadian, yet they can read mainland French, which we have. Many South American countries had the books published in their countries, yet they can read mainland Spanish, which we also have. The missing 4 may never be discovered yet we will continue to confirm that, yet we must be realistic and for now assume we have all the principal languages covered.
  • • Our goal has taken many years to expand the website from a single language into all the various languages, yet we must acknowledge all those people from every corner of the globe that have contributed towards its growth. Without such people like Patrice and Louise san who have contributed years' worth of work; and continue to do so, have without any doubt helped the website to grow into what it is today. This is not to forget all the many others that have contributed in other ways. To you all we thank you very much.
  • • There are many ideas, work in progress at the moment, to expand the website further, so we are not finished by any means. If anyone knows of a language that we do not have listed in which Dr Rampa's books were published, please let us know.
  • • Sắp có nhiều sách tiếng Việt.
  • • Two new AudioBooks Candlelight and Three Lives.
  • • The sale of TouchStones ends this year.
  • • La venta de Pedras ao Toque termina este año.
  • • Le vente de Pierre de Touche se termine cette année.
  • • La venta de Piedras de Toque finaliza este año.
  • • La vendita di Pietre di Carezzare termina quest'anno.
  • • La Venda de Pedras de Toque termina este ano.
  • Many thanks to Pete for making the TouchStones available for many years but all things must come to an end.

  • • Hai cuốn sách mới Bác sỹ từ LhasaBạn là mãi mãi.
  • • Một cuốn sách được cập nhật Tôi tin.
  • Apologies to our visitors about the recent language menu problem where for 2 countries their links failed completely. Whilst updating numerous web pages at the same time, something we have done in the past, the system crashed and caused "Eesti" and "Österreich" to scramble their links. This was only discovered when our SEO did its usual check. We understand we have corrected all the errors and waiting conformation from our SEO.