Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.

Conspiracy Theories

Portrait image of Dr Rampa in his russet robe.
Never reply to criticism as to do so is to weaken your case

Since the publication of Dr Rampa's first book "The Third Eye" conspiracy theories were born from either xenophobia, ignorance, bigotry or deep jealousy. I strongly feel that to give credit to the works of Dr Rampa we must highlight and clarify these foolish claims, claims that have no real facts to substantiate the many allegations.

The Austrian mountaineer and explorer Heinrich Harrer, author of "7 years in Tibet" tried and failed to discredit Lobsang through deep jealousy. This was because Heinrich thought he had exclusive rights on everything and anything relating to Tibet and the Tibetans. It was Heinrich Harrer who employed the private detective Clifford Burgess to discover who Lobsang was. Strange that neither Heinrich Harrer, nor Clifford Burgess, ever tried to make any direct contact with Lobsang or his family members Sarah and Sheelagh. Was this because Lobsang knew Heinrich Harrer was a member of the German Nazi Schutstaffel (SS, defense echelon) and that would completely discredit Heinrich Harrer!

Even the 14th Dalai Lama has publicly denied who Dr Rampa was, not because he doesn't know as he certainly does and has admitted it not only in a private meeting with friends of Dr Rampa but also within a private letter to Dr Rampa. Sadly the 14th Dalai Lama continues to publicly deny knowing Dr Rampa because he's playing the political field. Clearly prostituting his beliefs to appease too many people who would not support the Dalai Lama if he did acknowledge Dr Rampa, sadly it is amazing what people will do in the name of politics.

The many claims that Lobsang was never a Tibetan, never lived in Lhasa, Tibet, are entirely erroneous as Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was a Tibetan and did live in Lhasa; albeit before adventuring around the world as a pariah. We enclose within our website actual photographic proof that Dr Rampa was Tibetan and a senior member of the Tibetan Council. Dr Rampa was who he said he was, of that there is no doubt by the many people who have practiced that what he taught and have personally experienced the truth! Tuesday Lobsang Rampa was obviously not his real name because he had to remain clandestine else many others would surely have suffered. Especially when he covertly aided the Tibetan youth movement against the invading Chinese. Even though he has passed on from this mortal life I think his real name should remain a secret. Read Hypothesis for more information and the photographic proof.

The scandalous claims that Dr Rampa was a plumber are without an ounce of truth. The real facts are thus:

So, does this sound like the life of a plumber? Read "As it Was" chapter 8 and 9 to read more about the life and times of Cyril Hoskins. Clearly the facts were twisted to generate a story to discredit Dr Rampa. Historically another suffered the same fate: Jesus. Jesus was the son of a carpenter, a simple tradesman as a plumber is, but what is there to be ashamed of in being a simple tradesman?

Only recently we have obtained the report Clifford Burgess created when investigating Cyril Hoskins/Dr Lobsang Rampa. We decided to create a report of our own based on facts. Clifford Burgess's detective report on Cyril Hoskins - MS-Word - PDF, so you can make up your own minds as to who is telling the truth.

Introduction audio file by Dr Rampa where he talks about his life and runs for around 15 minutes. So you can hear the truth directly from him.

Alternatively download a transcript of Introduction - PDF - MS-Word

What caused a huge issue for many was the report that Dr Rampa had transmigrated into the body of Cyril. Transmigration is a very real thing and has been well documented in numerous Eastern religions for centuries. Jesus underwent a transmigration process when he went into the wilderness so the Christ could enter his physical as foretold within the Bible. The wilderness was in fact India, China, and Tibet (where the transmigration took place.) Strange that people accept the fact that the Christ entered into Jesus, yet if someone else does it there are cries of outrage! I have listed a few famous people who underwent transmigration within Miscellaneous.

People who go into occult studies just trying to get material proof are like people who go into a darkroom and turn on the lights to see if there is any image on the yet undeveloped film. Their very actions definitely inhibit any manifestation of proof. The Great 13th Dalai Lama once said "Proof is merely a palliative to the idle mind and those who seek proof are not capable of accepting the truth of a proof no matter how well proven." Remember this very important point: "if someone does not want to believe, it doesn't matter how much proof you offer," — [he/she won't believe,] — so do not waste your time trying to convince them.